Relationship State

Despair! That’s the only word that comes to my mind when thinking about the state of our relations at present.

It Stems From The Family. Do you know how?

The first recollection of any kind of a bond that a child experiences is his or her family.

What was your first memory of seeing another human being? You might recognize the face of one of your family members. Maybe your mom, dad, your sibling or any other near, dear one.

The way a child behaves and eventually perceives the world has got to do 100% with how he is treated in his own family and how he sees others being treated in his own family.

For instance, if his parents and siblings are vegetarian, he’ll grow up to be a vegetarian and would never (well mostly never) eat meat. That doesn’t directly reflect the fact that he loves animals and has compassion. That just means “his family values and upbringing has taught her/him to not eat things which can move on your plate”.

A direct opposite example would be a child who’s been raised in a non-vegetarian family. This child would almost always order a McChicken at McDonald’s or would go for a beef curry at his favorite restaurant or munch on sausages while watching TV. But this kid has also been taught to be compassionate to animals and others around himself. This again boils down to one key thing:

What Family Values Are Inculcated Into You Since Birth

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Now, the reason I run into despair when seeing our families and bonds around us is because there is not the right upbringing that children today are getting. Most parents try to provide their children “whatever they can afford”, instead of making them understand “what they need”. To put this into perspective, here’s an example:

Imagine a child wants to play in a garden and needs boots. As a parent the logical thing would be to just buy a decent pair of boots and give it to her/him. Now bear in mind that in this case, the boot shop is far away and there is a slipper showroom just around the corner. What do you think a parent does in this situation?

If you have observed any child in your lifetime, and once thought, “Uff, this kid’s got to behave”, know that their parents just went and bought slippers instead.

These slippers wearing kids all around us grow up to be adults who “do not want to have children in future”.

But ask yourself a question, “Did your parents buy you a boot or a slipper?” Or if you’re a parent, what will you buy or have bought for your children?

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