Purpose and Distraction

What is that one thing or person without which you can't imagine your life? Did you Imagine something?

What was it? Who was it?

The first recollection of any kind of bond that a child experiences is his or her family.

If not family, then, what is it that you feel yourself most connected to? You might have more than just one of that, but can you find out that one thing or person that you absolutely, uncompromisingly need in your life? Just one. It's hard, isn't it?

We need more than one, we need a lot! A whole lot! Lots of things, lots of people, lots of "distractions", lots of options. And that is precisely the reason why we do not appreciate the "purpose" of what we have, rather we focus on the "distractions", on what is available, what we can get more and more.

We have a "lot" of everything and everyone, and

appreciation for nothing

Let's begin with a quick example. 

When you visit a nice restaurant for lunch, what are the things you really look for? Can you think of them now? Take a moment and think.

For me it's the ambiance, good service, great food, and of course, a decent price. This package of demands differs as we jump from one person to another. We consider a lot of things while choosing a restaurant. Someone will choose a nice parking lot over the good service and someone will choose good service over anything! But do you realize that the only thing that matters here is the food? Do you realize that the only criteria that is validated to have your "appreciation" is the food? Rest all are just distractions, either to bring you closer to the food (positive distractions), or to deter you away from it (negative distractions). 

Now let's take two different situations. One in which everything is perfect, the ambiance, the price, the service, the music, the distance from your place etc, etc. But the food is trash.

Another in which the food is absolutely perfect and feels like the chef is a blend of Gordon Ramsey and your mom, and lightens up all your sensory organs, but the rest of the so called "distractions" aren't so.  

Which of the above two would you choose? For me, I'd definitely go with the food, because the food is the "purpose", all others, a "distraction".

Find your purpose with things and  people, everything else is

just a distraction.

It's very important to find the purpose and ignore the distractions. Distractions can distract you from the purpose more rapidly than you can imagine.

Your relationship with your parents is your purpose. Your arguments and misunderstandings with them are just distractions, bad distractions. Your cordiality for them is your purpose and them bringing you gifts, showering you with money is a distraction, positive one, in this case.

Your love for your gf/bf/fiance/husband/wife, that's a clear purpose, your fights with them and constant nagging are distractions, bad ones. Them taking you on dates, surprising you with gifts is a positive distraction and their loyalty and allegiance is the purpose.

Similarly, the good and bad times, and the innocence shared with your friends, is the purpose of your friendship, while the fights and arguments are negative distractions, and them paying for your Goa or Manali trips or saving your ass in front of your parents is a positive distraction. 

Distractions can be both positive and negative. Never let go of the "purpose" because of the "distraction".

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