Growing Much Online, Too Little Off It?

Instead of online like and comments, have offline love and conversations - COT

We are expressing a lot online, a lot less off it. 

It's making us depressed, sad and leaves us wanting validation for everything we do.

Just opened my Instagram and saw a friend share a story about him and his girlfriend in an intimate moment. #smh

While writing this paragraph I saw a mosquito resting on my WiFi's antenna. So instead of attempting to get rid of it, I first took a picture and shared it on my Whatsapp group.

Dare to see it below!

Now, one can take turns in judging whether the first example above was more qualified as a material suitable for posting or the second one. Depends upon how you see it and what your mindset is.

If the former seems as a precious private moment that couldn't be shared, the other is a useless daily occurrence that also shouldn't be shared. Now, I'm sure we've all heard about this before. Do not spend a lot of time online, make time for family, go out and so on and so forth.

But are we really doing it?

Are we really, actually working on growing offline or are we too content to be growing online instead?

With more and more apps looking to hook people online, the battle rages on. Where companies like Apple apparently make your phone buzz every now and then, to make sure you spend a "lot of time on the device", useless video applications (those who know, know ;)) are getting funded in "billions" to find intuitive ways to keep us online and hooked.

Below are some points which we can all practice that will bring stability to our relations and life and keep us from being disconnected with what matters, i.e. real people and nature.

  • A lunch with your friends once a month. Lunch, so it doesn't become an alcohol late-night party.
  • A dinner outing with your family once a month or once every 2 months
  • Have a non-smoking, non-drinking, no-phones, clean, chit-chat party with your old friends
  • A 30 min weekly conversation with each of your parents. Ask them about their life, tell them about yours
  • A solo weekend trip for a day or two, with no cell-phone, just you and some quiet place in nature
  • If you have friends/family you can't meet, video call them once every month and share things

We need to act, and fast before it's too late. We are reduced to being content and satisfied living in the virtually created world and leaving our own 'natureal' (natural+real) world behind.

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