Do You Love Your Childhood?

Ask anyone, almost anyone, what period of life they would wanna go back to, and you’ll get only one answer.

If I asked you, what would your answer be?

Yes, the golden childhood! The good old carefree, strollin’ in nature, rollin’ in mud days!

When there was no burden but that of our school bags, no responsibility but our homework and no attachments but our toys. Life was simpler, happier and easier. World was our home, and our home was our world. 

Now in hindsight, when I look back, I see why we all love our childhood so much. It’s not just about the carefree nature, the no-responsibility, no-burden life. There’s also this one thing that makes our childhood immensely unique, precious and much, much more livable and joyous.

It’s the innocence that we carried around with us. The Innocence that was the lifeblood of our childhood days. It’s not like we don’t remember or enjoy the other parts of our life, parts such as our college days, youth, pre-married or post-married life. It’s just the innocence that we carried in our younger days has contributed in making those days on this planet extravagantly special and worth remembering. 

Each of us has that one photo or one moment from our childhood which we’re utterly embarrassed of, and whenever someone sees it, we just say, “Hey, I was a kid okay!”

When someone sees one of my embarrassing photos, I just blurt, “It’s not me, it’s someone else in the picture!” Stupid, I know. Although on the surface we feel a bit ashamed of it, deep down we’re happy to see such photos and remember the times when we were innocent enough to let them take such photos and make such idiotic memories not feeling ashamed about it at all. 

Now you might understand why we love our younger days so much. They were filled with fun and innocence. Without innocence, you kind of have an idea of what you’re doing or are going to do in near future, whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. So you have an idea in general about what’s going to happen, what will be the consequences.

“Fun plus innocence is what I like to call, a childhood.”

When you’re innocent you’ve no idea what the end result is going to be. You don’t think about the future or the consequences. You only think about ‘right now’. You know it’s fun for now, so you do it anyway. Without innocence everything becomes a ‘task’ that is supposed to be productive, or an ‘assignment’ that needs to be completed, where you focus on the end result or the outcome, or in the simple words, you focus on tomorrow. A time that always stays in the day after. 

But when you’re innocent, it’s all about living the moment that’s given to us right now. It’s the process or the journey, not the end destination that lies somewhere in the hypothetical time in future. And that’s how your life should be. More about the journey and less about the destination. 




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Matt J

Good post, loved it.

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