Where Do Dreams Go When We Wake Up?

This blog is about a book I read a few months ago; a book that’s occupied a permanent space in my heart.

“Little Women” is an astounding novel written by Louisa May Alcott that was published in the year 1868.

This novel has been made into plenty of adaptations over the years. Not to forget that the 2019 film adaptation received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. In short, it is an awesome book. 

So, I read it just before the lock-down was imposed upon us all, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, and strangely, I feel both regretful and thankful for having read it at that particular time.

I felt regretful because the story is painted with such mesmerizing scenes, from landscapes wrapped in white snow to the ball parties of Paris, from stretched green grounds to the huddled New York City buildings. No wonder it made my lock-down more indoorsy and cheerless than it should have been. And I felt thankful because the book is all about family, family, and family, and I don’t even remember when was the last time I had spent such an abundant and wonderful time with my family.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the book:

“I’ve got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock

the door remains to be seen.”

So, what the hell the story is really about?

Well, it’s about four sisters, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy, and their neighbor boy, Laurie. It’s about their unbreakable bonding, the castles they build together in the air, and how they lose their innocence to adulthood. So, these kids in their teenage years see dreams and plan their future. Jo dreams of becoming a renowned writer, Meg dreams of a big house, expensive dresses and a loving family, Amy dreams of being the best painter in the world and Beth, well she never really thinks much about the future but loses her present in the melodious tunes she plays on the piano. And Laurie, he falls in love with Jo the moment he sees her and dreams only one dream: of spending his entire life with her.

Now, what the story is NOT about?

Of course, about their dreams coming true.

Yes, even after soaring so close to their dreams, none of them really come true. And in the end, we see them doing the opposite of what they’d dreamed, and we find them extremely happy doing what they are doing.

Okay, moral time.

So what did I take from this story? I had countless dreams growing up. Some of them were so silly that I feel embarrassed even to think about them now. How many of them have come true? Honestly, none (if we exclude graduating and getting a job from the list). But I’d like to mention that I’m closer to some of them, some are still far away but I’m walking, and I’ll never stop walking. But am I still happy or satisfied? I am going to say yes because if I don’t believe in my own happiness, if I don’t believe that I can be happy however and wherever I am, everything else in this whole wide world will fail to make me happy.So, what brings you happiness or satisfaction?

The answer is, knowing that you tried or are trying your best to achieve


At the end that is the thing that matters.

At this point in my life, I am a jobless girl, sitting at home, typing on my keyboard the words of the story I want to tell the world (which I have no idea when will be published), and read the books I always wanted to read. The two things I love the most and also the two things that don’t pay me a dime. I am going to look for a job once this Coronavirus is dead for once and for all. Alas, we don’t really get to enjoy heaven forever! Coming back to the point, if you had asked me a few years ago, how do you picture yourself in the future, I would’ve answered, “Earning a 6 figure salary, bossing a few people in my office, traveling the world and blah blah.” I would’ve cried if I had seen the future back then. But today, if you ask me if I regret not achieving that, what would I answer? I’d say hell yeah, I regret. Not being able to boss people and travel the world! Are you kidding me! But still, I am happy the way I am. 

Isn’t this what life is? We dream about the future, constantly worry about it and ruin our present because of the things that haven’t even happened. We fret even when we know that no matter how dark it’ll get, somehow we’re going to get through. We’re going to survive. We’re going to get out alive. And if we’re alive, then we have the brain, we have the hands, we can move, we can get the things done, we can dream new dreams and we can fight for them with our hands. And it’s before our eyes, not only my experience but all yours, that even if things don’t turn out how we expected them to be, we can still be happy. The thing is, happiness is a choice. So make that choice. Chin up and smile. We still have long years ahead of us and plenty of things can still be, definitely, achieved. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s have a long, relaxing sleep and give our brains some quality time to dream!

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Saee Motling

Contributing Writer