Is it okay to not be okay?

Ever heard of this term? Maybe yes, maybe no.

The world is turning bad, that’s reality. It’s cruel. But in this world, mental health of one’s own is really important.

Keeping your mental health geared up and positive is very important, otherwise you won’t be able to survive here. 

You don’t really need to do that. Stop doing it. Stop praising. Stop thinking. Just stop everything and leave it as it is.

It’s not always important to clean the mess and be perfect. It’s definitely okay to be in a mess and take a break. It’s okay to stop thinking about what people think about you and just breath. It’s okay to not talk to anyone and just be in your state of mind. It’s okay. It’s really okay. It’s not necessary to be perfect all the time.

It all depends on human to human. One day you’re having your highs, the other day that downhill ride just won’t stop. Everything that happens, every day, every situation is only a phase and it passes away. It’s all temporary, so it’s okay to temporarily feel low or sad. Sometimes, it’s necessary to know who you are and what your inner mind actually wants, and maybe that can boost your life in a real manner and can kick start your life amazingly and beautifully! But don’t dig too deep that it affects your mental health.

To not be okay is fine, but to ruin your life for a temporary sadness, is bad. People don’t really care about their mental health. They forget that mental health is the only thing we survive with. If we don’t take care of that, life becomes difficult to deal with and even small problems feel gigantic.

If you are not able to consult someone, then talk to a friend or just take a walk in nature. Just being not okay for a while is okay, but know that you can get up and get back – like a real hero that you are!

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Bhakti Shah

Contributing Writer



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