4 Tips To Handle Your Children During The Lockdown

Parents. Are you tired? Stressed? Exhausted? Angry? Lockdown means being around your child/children 24*7. 

That one sentence is enough to make a lot of parents dread. 

Yes you love them, more than anything. In fact, you’d do anything for them. But you just can’t contain the energy and excitement for the whole 24 hours a day, can you?

The fact that these little balls of energy roll all around the house continuously and destroy everything that comes in their path is a sight every parent has to witness day in and day out. And with everything going on with you, professionally and in personal life, owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, you’re either mentally exhausted or angry enough and don’t want to deal with these little devils in disguise.

Below are 5 easy and effective tips that can help you neutralize them and let you take a breath of relief:

1) Assign them daily chores: Now that they’re in the house all the time, they better help you, right? Not with major household chores like cooking and cleaning of course. But with simple tasks like dusting, folding the sheets, adding the dishes to the dishwasher, adding clothes into the machine, making sure the fridge is not overloaded, watering the plants and so on. 

Mind you, kids always like to be treated like grown-ups, and hence giving

them these tasks will not only make them feel proud of themselves

but also wear them out so they can take afternoon naps and/or sleep early

during the night.

2) Exercise together: Kids learn what they see their parents do, not what they tell them to do. In a bid to keep fit, start exercising and invite your child to do the same. Put on some good music and do your own thing. Ask their help with weights, yoga mats and so on, and see them get involved. Don’t force them. Just ask if they’d like to join and they’ll most likely nod yes. 

3)Engage them into new habits: The picture below has been making rounds around the Internet, and for good reasons of course. 

(Credits: Monica Weber)

In the picture the dad “poses” has them doing "realism art" while he "poses" AKA naps. The winner gets a chocolate. It’s interesting how creative kids are, and if you can use a bit of common sense, you can keep them quiet, while you - nap, or work, or do other productive things. Some of the things you can do is ask them to play games like chess, which includes no physical movement but takes a lot of thinking. This will keep them quiet for a few hours while you do your thing. You can also choose painting, writing, reading as per your kid’s interests.

4) Let them do the things they love/encourage: This might be a little unexpected, considering, a lot of parents would think that if they let their child do what they like, the house would be in utter mess come evening. Well, that’s only partly true. You can let your kid do whatever they please, but you can set time-limits, boundaries of movements inside their room or your house, and perks/penalties based on performance. Here’s a great example you can try: assume your child likes playing online games. You can make it a bit interesting, fun, productive, all the while making sure you get your piece of mind. Below are the things you can do

  • Tell them - Every 10 minutes they have to write down what they learned from the game. It can be as simple as watching your back in case someone attacks, protecting your friend, or always be alert.
  • They do not get to shout - If you have more than one kid, this can be a game -changer. Tell them they do not get to yell. If they do, they do not get to play, it’s an either/or situation. 
  • They don’t get to leave their room for the next 3 hours: They can play all they want, with the rules that have been laid down, but they can’t leave the room for “x” number of hours. This gives you ample time to do some cleaning, attend that video call, get a nap, get some personal time with your spouse, among other things.
  • Keep scores and they win: Keep a score, if you have just 1 kid, keep a minimum score they have to pass to get the perk. If you have more than one kid, let them compete for the prize. Your scores can be based on points a-b-c-d above.

This time can be tough and tricky, but with these tips can make it fun and productive since no one really knows how long this is going to last. Happy Parenting. 

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