3 Ways to Spend A Quality Time With Your Family During Lockdown

Pandemic. COVID. Lockdown. WFH.

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, these words have become a commonplace for everyone in 2020. 

Ever since the turn of the new year, we’ve experienced a phenomenon which has swept everyone the same. 

It’s spared no one - rich, poor, black white, all are hit the same, and bad, it’s here to stay. We have to adjust to the “new normal” and everyone from large corporations to governments have been trying to adjust to this. But when it comes to you and me, who've been working from home from the past few months, we find ourselves in a precarious situation of spending the majority of our time with people we’re not used to being around - parents, spouse, children, maybe your cat and dog.

People have found themselves in unwelcoming situations and that has resulted in sky high stress levels not to mention tensed family dinners. We’ve listed below 3 simple, practical and easy steps you can follow to ease the tension and enjoy the time with your family while working from home. Doesn’t matter if you’re the parent, the child, or even the dog and cat of the household (If you’re the dog and can read, please contact us ASAP), if you follow these steps, your lockdown can turn to be one of the best days of your life, yet. 

1. Conversation is the cornerstone to a happier family: Gone are the days where if you had a rift with your spouse, you’d just leave the breakfast midway and leave for the work whining and grab a coffee on the way. Or being a mom, if your child was creating havoc, you’d just stuff them into your car and pop them out in front of the school gate. Sadly, you can’t do that now. You’ve to stay in the same house and face each other so many times, that a lack of communication will only create tensions. Rather, sit down, talk to each other. Doesn’t have to be about anything specific. Talk about your interests, and ask them about theirs. 

Remember the pre-internet days where you had to talk to make friends? 

Yes. Do that now. Talk and share a laugh, joke, or just have a random conversation. Most importantly, get used to being in the same room without being engaged to a gadget. Get comfortable in the presence of each other. 

2. Try to cook if you’re not the usual chef in the house: Okay. This one’s tried, tested and proven. If you’re not the one who normally cooks in the house, it’s a great chance to bring out your inner Gordon Ramsey. Pick a day, weekends work the best, and pick a dish. Announce that you’re going to cook during the weekend and let everyone know. Create hype (or fear) in the house. Involve as many members in the cooking as you can. Remember, it’s not about the food, it’s about the activity that the whole house does together. Make a few mistakes, purposely or not, and let others teach you. This increases participation. Put on some good music while cooking to amplify the mood.

Make sure you try to make a decent dish which others can eat. But also have a back-up plan just in case. You never know what’s gonna turn out if you’re cooking for the first time. But in any case, if you follow a good recipe, you can make a decent tasting dish everyone’s gonna like. 

Regardless of how the dish turns out, on Monday, make sure to announce what you’re gonna make this weekend and based on your recent performance, watch your family live the rest of the week in happiness or fear.

3. Meditate: This one’s a solo activity but can be tried in groups. We all know the power of meditation and yoga. We also know that it requires peace and a stable environment. Not the one in which your child is banging their toy and your cat is chasing the fly around the house. It’s better to do this alone. 

Find a quiet place. Could be hard, so early mornings are best for this. Make sure you’re not half asleep. Do a tad bit of stretching so you can have the blood rushing through your veins. Find a mat to sit on. If you don’t have a yoga mat, there’s no need to buy one. You can sit on any hard surface as long as it’s comfortable and the view is serene. 

Make a habit to do this every morning, and if you have other family members, also encourage them to do it at the times they find comfortable. A calm mind is the route to everything and hence it’s best to make yourself calm and aligned before doing anything.

Obviously there are many methods to cope with this new lifestyle that we’re still getting used to. If you feel any other which should be included here, drop a comment below and let us know.

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