The Batman trilogy is one of the most watched and highly acclaimed movies of all time, grossing well over $1 Billion.

The two main characters, Batman and Bane, are some of the most iconic figures in the history of global cinema.

But, do you know how Bruce Wayne became Batman, or how Bane turned into a monster?

The answer to both of these can be found. In their childhood.

Childhood is the seed, the plot, the base or the ground, where personalities develop, where people are moulded into heroes emerge and forced into villains.

So before we talk about saving the planet, nature, our economy, our money & investments, we should, must, have to focus on saving the childhood of every child.

If we can do that, then we won’t need to scramble like we’re right now.

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Change Of tomorrow, as the name suggests, is an initiative to bring about a change in which our children are raised and prepared for tomorrow.


Today's children will become the rulers, architects and the workers of tomorrow. It's important that they're ready and responsible in every sense of word.

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